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  Compañìa Venezolana de Cerámica VENCERAMICA, a subsidiary of Santiago de Chile-based Cisa Corporation, was founded in 1955. Cisa brings together the major producers of bathroom suits from four Latin American nations. VENCERAMICA supplies both the local and foreign markets with the broadest array of bathroom products including toilets, faucets, sets, fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs with or without whirlpool, iron fittings for WC tanks and plastic toilet seats.

Its major export products are low consumption (1.6 gallon) toilets, pedestal and embeddable washbasins, bidets, urinals and ancillaries. VENCERAMICA products meet all U.S. ANSI and IAPMO norms as well as Canada's CSA and Mexico's NOM standards. Export markets: Canada, U.S., Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Commercial Director: José Pablo de la Fuente.

BATHROOM SUITS. Low consumption toilets, embeddable washbasins, pedestal washbasins, bidet, urinals, and ancillaries. Production Capacity: 2,000,000 units per year. Minimum order: one 40-ft container. Packing: Individual cardboard boxes.

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Calle 7 Edif. Vencerámica. P.B., La Urbina, Caracas, Venezuela.
tel: (+58 2) 241.05.65
fax: (+58 2) 241.90.43
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